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Hey! I'm Meredith!

Being the oldest of three siblings, a former teacher, the "mom" of the group, and a real life mom of two, I have been keeping everyone and everything organized for as long as I can remember. As soon as I began to plan my kid's birthday parties, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed going all out planning themed parties. It easily transferred to all of my sister's bridal festivities.


As my sister's Matron of Honor, I started planning her 2022 bachelorette party across the country. I came across some bachelorette planning businesses and realized how incredibly helpful they were with logistics and "boots on the ground" to help pull off a grand entrance for our "extra" bride.


That is when Charleston Bachelorette was born! As a Charleston native and a budget-conscious planner, I am so excited to offer a range of options and partnership discounts to you babes! 

Meet The Team



As a mama to two (soon to be three) boys, Laura loves to do anything that doesn't involve the boys messing it up. This is her creative outlet and we are so thankful for her! She has lived in Charleston most of her life and has all the best dinner recs! You will also work directly with Laura if you purchase our itinerary planning!



Sydney recently moved here from Oklahoma. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a minor in events management. She does our social media content creation along with decorating and keeping us young and trendy.

It's a Family Affair

The Bride

Meagan is my very extra sister and the inspiration for Charleston Bachelorette. Being the Matron of Honor for the most over-the-top person I know, I've found every way to serve champagne taste on a Natty Light budget. Meagan helps behind the scenes and is my trend-tracker - making sure everything we offer is Instagram-worthy and she keeps up with the ever changing Charleston night life. She is also the owner of Pups Plus One, Wedding Pet Attendants and occasionally does your floral arrangements.

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When she's not watching my kids, you may have the privilege of meeting my mom, Barbie. She's awesome and always willing to help me set up our family parties as well as yours. She is also a Charleston native and the mother-of-the-Bride. She's the biggest cheerleader of our crazy entrepreneur ideas.

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