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We love questions!

Here are some of the most common questions we see online and hear when working with our clients.

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Who pays for what?

We see this question often. We recommend just asking the bride what she is expecting. She will know the unique situations of her bridal party. We typically see the party guests split most to all costs of the bride but we don't believe there is a right or wrong way to do it because everyone's financial situations differ.

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What themes can we choose from?

At this time, we don't have set themes which allows us to fully customize your package. If you don't even know where to start, we can absolutely help with that too! Fill out our form and we will be in touch to learn more about the bride and your expectations and we can send some theme options for you to choose from. 

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What if we change our mind?

We know things happen and trends change. If you are changing a theme, decor, package, etc., in most cases we require at least one month to change your package. If you are upgrading your package options, we will send over an updated contract and quote and will require the difference of the 50% deposit. If you choose a lower package, we will send an updated contract and your previously paid deposit will be credited toward your new total. Some add on services and custom gifts cannot be refunded. We will work with you as much as possible if you are changing your date. And if you have to cancel all together, you will forfeit your 50% deposit.

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